Tuesday, September 25, 2007

PLN #6

This week im read an article from the Rocky Mountain news called Dead duck: 'Am I in trouble?. This article really surprised me a man thinking he would not be in trouble for ripping a live ducks head of in a hotel. This would only make sense if he was drinking as the article says he was. The word crazy comes to mind when i think of what this man did and how people act sometimes when they are drinking. The punishment of
Clark made his initial appearance in Ramsey County Court on Monday, where his bail was set at $10,000. He faces a felony animal cruelty charge that carries a maximum sentence of two years in jail and a $5,000 fine if he's convicted, The Associated Press reported.
This was very reasonable punishment considering what he did. What matter from this article is the matter of what’s right and what’s wrong? Should people be aloud to drink a lot at a public place? So the actions that people make while drunk shouldn’t be aloud you would not be able to control them so they should just keep drinking at private places. I can connect this to history when you are reading about kings drinking a lot chopping humans heads off this kind of relates. Also I can somewhat relate this to the Lady and the Tiger because the king was barbaric and probably drinks a lot. So he is doing the same purpose ruining there life. I can relate that to the world because people are crazy and and do mad stuff and need to stop

Monday, September 17, 2007

PLN #4

I read an Article called "Could it Happen here" by David Warlick. I agree with his article about having a conference on making schools of the future to inform educators,students and parents. When i was thinking of what matters from this story a lot comes up. Its so big this could change learning make it more "easy" for students and teachers. This conference matters to the U.S a lot it would change the way of learning and make it better they need to get ahead in education so this conference is necessary. I think what matter is progression. I'm connecting to this because when i think that are classrooms could have been like this it would had been easier in my opinion and we use lab tops in English class and that some what is stepping in the future. In the world this relates because everyday you see someone trying to see someone doing something better progress a product and advance the world. If this happens the U.S could produce better Americans by having a better learning environment. It would also be more real going into a business world everyone uses computers and they would be more advanced and prepared. I can relate this to my History class and the topic Social Darwinism. This relates because it was about you had to be fit to basically keep your job. So the Asians are growing more fit by already having there conference and they would be producing more fit workers

Thursday, September 13, 2007


In my reading i read Fischbowl "Is it okay to be a Technologically Illiterate Teacher?". In it the main part of it was saying teachers should be technologically sound. From this blog i think what mattered is peoples standards should be higher and i thought of that when he made his 7 points. He was explaining how teachers,principals and others need to no that technology should not just be something you do on your on its a skill you need. This connects to me because when people don't no how to do something on the computer your like shouldn't you no this,its a skill you would need. In the world it would seem only mandatory that you have skills in technology everywhere you need to use computers and why not school employees. When he says..
"The phrase may have been useful to start with, but it's been over-used for a long time now. In any case, after immigrants have been in a country for a while, they become natives. We've had personal computers for 30 years, and I was using computers in my teaching back in 1975. How long does it take for someone to wake up to the fact that technology is part of life, not an add-on?"

Makes me think Everyone needs to know there is a change and it wasn't made for nothing computers are very useful.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


For my first blog i decided to read about local news and world news because there is a lot happening with it being 9\11. First i read from a article about the Quake that hit Indonesia When i first started reading his i got a connection because i was watching a TV show about how when a volcano erupts, when the rocks go into the sea and make a huge wave. This was similar about 20 minutes after the earth quake a small sunami hit the island of Sumatran.However two hours later something horrible happened. South west of the city of Bengkulu buildings were reported to be collapsing. What i think on this matter is that it would be terrible to stop things like this from happening but i heard there is only one center to warn people and it is in Hawaii. This is a very unfortunate event and i hope it doesn't happen again.

For my second article i read about local news . A local highway worker was killed on I-70. What happened is he fell of a truck picking up traffic cones and he fell out and was ran over by a truck twice. The truck driver was apparently backing up and going very slow. This is a terrible thing to happen then those workers will probably be more afraid to work,they should have more safety because it would be a very dangerous job.