Wednesday, September 12, 2007


For my first blog i decided to read about local news and world news because there is a lot happening with it being 9\11. First i read from a article about the Quake that hit Indonesia When i first started reading his i got a connection because i was watching a TV show about how when a volcano erupts, when the rocks go into the sea and make a huge wave. This was similar about 20 minutes after the earth quake a small sunami hit the island of Sumatran.However two hours later something horrible happened. South west of the city of Bengkulu buildings were reported to be collapsing. What i think on this matter is that it would be terrible to stop things like this from happening but i heard there is only one center to warn people and it is in Hawaii. This is a very unfortunate event and i hope it doesn't happen again.

For my second article i read about local news . A local highway worker was killed on I-70. What happened is he fell of a truck picking up traffic cones and he fell out and was ran over by a truck twice. The truck driver was apparently backing up and going very slow. This is a terrible thing to happen then those workers will probably be more afraid to work,they should have more safety because it would be a very dangerous job.

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