Thursday, March 20, 2008


This week i read in the Denver Post an article called Lawmakers kill paper ballot bill this matters because the Electronic machines are conversational and people don't feel fare using them so paper ballots are used giving them a feeling the system is working. The bill proposed that, forced counties to conduct paper ballot elections this year, freeing them to use their controversial electronic voting machines. With this being failed it means that some counties if they chose can use the questionable voting machines. Last year there was a huge problem with the machines messing up the whole election so papers ballots should at least be offered there are at least more accurate. "According to Coffman's office, all but 10 of Colorado's 64 counties have plans to at least offer paper ballots as a backup this year. Coffman urged them to consider the idea last year because of long lines of voters waiting to use the machines in Douglas County in 2006."This would be bad if they messed up again so at least offer paper ballots. This really relates to me because these are the laws and people that are going to base everything i do and if its not a good system the votes could be miscounted. A law or leader could be chosen unfairly. This defently relates to the world because other states might have the same problem and if they see what happened to us they might not make the same mistakes. There leaders would also be chosen fairly. This really does matter because people need there vote to count and that cqant happen if the systems are not working.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PLN #3

This week in the spring season coming i read an artic le in the Denver Post called A taste of spring for Denver. This really excites me because I'm so sick of the cold as I am sure all of you are! The spring is coming as you noticed by the beautiful days we have been having lately. When the article said, "Some areas on the west side of Denver could hit 70 degrees today, the National Weather Service reports." This really is great news the weather is finally getting good.

Relates to me- because nicer weather seems to make people happier. Summer is always a good time and the closer we get the better of we will be. With the really cold winter it just brings joy to everyone to see the warm temps again.

Relates to world- Same idea the winter is stressful a lot of accidents occur, snow shoveling and all that fun stuff. That not being a problem anymore people can relax a little more and make our world a better place. Plus sun is going to be great!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


For my second PLN i read Mars Avalanche Caught on Camera On the discovery channel news site. This was about a rover on Mars capturing a actual avalanche on Mars. This was a very rare thing for scientists to capture and they are interested in the effect with carbon dioxide on the red planet.

What Matters- This matters in my opinion because it makes that planet similar to use and we need to know all we can about it so we can explore on it and possibly live on it one day. For the science part it matters to because the more we learn about this planet the more we can decide whether or not life could exist or does exist there.

Connects To me- This matters to me a lot because this could someday be our grandkids home and the more knowledge we know about this planet we know the better off we will be. Knowing that these landslides occur is something to know if it would effect us if we go there.

Relates to the world- This also relates to the world because when we get to the time of possibly living there us knowing about these landslide will be a better way of deciding whether its possible or not this is a big issue and good we know about these

Monday, March 3, 2008

PLN #1

For my first PLN i read an article In the rocky mountain news called Teen traffic deaths dropped by 35% in 2007. This was an article talking about how teen driving deaths have been declining for the past 3 years and it must mean we are doing something right with are laws.

What Matters- This matters because it means all the time and effort put into safe driving laws is really helping out this was mentioned in the article, "I think two things that happened really have helped," said State Patrol spokesman Trooper Ryan Sullivan. "We passed and strengthened Colorado's driver's license laws. That made a big contributing factor in decreasing fatalities." With these changes deaths have decreased really making the roads a somewhat safer place.

Connects To me- I will be driving soon so with all these programs and harder enforcements i will feel safer about the people around me when im driving and the deaths going down is such a good thing.

Relates to the world- This relates to the world because we are putting a standard with these laws and programs. I don't know if other states do this but with these numbers it really should be a steeping point for others to change the way teenagers drive.