Monday, May 12, 2008

PLN #20

I found an awesome post on the thinking stick blog about "are you smarter than a 5th grader" but more importantly what is grade school good for. Is it helpful at all in the real world or is it a waste of time when we learn best at our young years teaching us useless deatils its a good post

This post really interested me its something that I always wondered with those grades why did any of that matter. It’s a prep I could say to higher grades but 5 years of this is not necessary they take elementary school way to far on the repiton of material throughout the years. When I watch are you smarter then a 5th grader it seems like logical information would be on it but, the details that are given during these years are given which is un-fair for show purposes. But back to accuracy grade school its impressive how much detail we learned when we could be getting ahead of the game in other aspects of school. It’s such a waste to teach these years we should be taught to read, write and do math not learn useless details throughout these years. None of this information is necessary for the real world except the few aspects I just listed. Good post I have be thinking about that for a while!

PLN #19

I found a really good post on Rogers personals blog called retakes and it was really intresting. It was about retakes in class and how some kids dont take advantage of the oppurtuniteies they are given.Also why retakes should be acceptable it is a good post.

Hey Roger,good post because i think it is important to offer another chance to kids that care about there grade but something might have gone worng with them that day. I know this from example because last year i had a big test and the night before i broke my arm and was at the hospital really late with very little sleep that night, I had a miserable night. Just things like that happen making you not able to study or something. I like when teachers offer this cause its gives you another chance to show off what you know. Good post!

Friday, May 9, 2008

PLN Presentation reacation

In my PLN presentation i think i could have done a little better with being a little more prepared. Overall though I felt i did good by keeping it short sweet and to the point and keeping eye contact.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

PLN #18

I saw an article on The weblogg-ed called Study: Young Kids Online about how the internet has great oppurtunites but also the risk is out there and how easy it is to acess the wrong information it is a preety good article.

Dear Mr. Richardson,
I found this article interesting on how companies suck kids into products through advertisement. I really think the internet is becoming to "adultish" for young kids. They have to access to MySpace or Facebook and other communicating sites which have predators on them and with that these websites have ads that suck kids into it and steal information. Advertisers reach out for children because they are more prone to fall for a trick. A little example is websites is the ads that say for example, “break a mailbox and get 10 free ringtones”. These are temping for kids to try and they are fake and bad. I agree when you say the internet provides a good chance for kids to learn but the risk the internet provides is there to. Good article!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PLN #17

I found a pretty interesting article on T sales blog called Phoning it in.

Dear Mr. Sale
I think this is very interesting for many reasons it really shows how much technology can help problems we have we can get any answer we want in a push of a button. Its good to be able to do this but for tests and other assignments it could be bad and lead to cheating. In the classroom knowing information easier would help out so much more like when you mentioned this ,"Outside the classroom, students are used to finding answers to what they want to know right now (the operative phrase being “what they want to know”). It must really frustrate them when, in the classroom, we constantly delay satisfaction." Its really true if we had appropriate internet access in every classroom it would go by so much quicker and the information could go more in-depth with the knowledge you get. Its interesting when you talk about the spell check thing its really incredible how much your writing can improve if you have the right tools to lead you that way. He found a way to improve this writing by himself.

Monday, April 28, 2008


I read an interesting article on the fishbowl called the need for textbooks.
Mr. Fisch
This is interesting that its becoming true that textbooks are becoming a thing of the past this is not a direct example but it is happening. In English class we are reading romeo and Juliet online just eliminating another aspect of books in our life's. Text books are so unreliable and not updated enough making them not as reliable in some ways as the internet.

Also it is really crazy from that little paragraph what precautions are taken for tornados and such the procedures are really in depth i really never noticed that. Good post!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I posted on an article on the thinking stick blog called Screen free week.

This is really interesting post for many reasons it is showing how much we depend on electronics for everyday tasks. They do make life easier but also confusing with mastering technology. It’s good to get this 7 day break from technology just to realize what the world was like before it. It’s showing how tremendously much our world has changed over the past 20 years. It pretty crazy all the risks that come from using technology as you posted. I think this is amazing how much technology is being used by kids now a day. Instead of going and "playing" the new things is going on the internet and explore something new. This is really changing our world people really are living for technology, for example almost everyone I know has either a TV or a computer. Our school has laptop classes which are making learning so different. It really is good the way we are going with technology like my school really makes it easy to succeed with the technology and all the new opportunities you get with technology.

Friday, April 18, 2008

PLN #12

This week i foound an intresting article on the Discover News Website called Roadkill stats surprise scientists. This is very important to our world in many ways these animals that are getting ran over effect or world compltly

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This week i read an article by Weblogg-ed calling making kids googlable. This article is about schools doing " a background check" on teachers and students. They check for negative items on myspace or other websites but they also explore portfolio's and writings to see if they are good for the job. This matters because your background can somewhat be looked up by anyone thats why never put anything on the web. Its really a big issue you can type anything into Google and find whatever you want about someone. Its really getting extreme what technology is getting to relied on that everything is on it. It such a good thing then stuff like this can happen then show everyone your information . Its scary how far we have came.

This relates to me because i use the internet daily or often to talk to friends do homework music and other stuff but its scary people can type in your name and find out infinite information about you. People face this everyday thats why you never put personal information on th web people can do tremendous things with that its very scary what technology is doing to our world. Just watching the news pretty much over half of it is related to technology problems scary stuff.

This relates to the world the same way the more technology grows the more problems we are going to have whats next you can just be put on the internet by a school all your information who knows. It is going to happen people can Google it and sure its good i guess for a teacher to be looked up by his or her boss to see what there really like but when is that going to far.

Friday, April 11, 2008

PLN #10

This week i read an interesting article about gas prices in Colorado called Gas Prices strain school budgets by the Denver Post. This an article about schools have troubles maintaining a budget when having to pay gas prices which are at 100$ a barrel for school buses plows and other vehicles to maintain our schools. This really effects everyone and in this article it gives ideas that the Jefferson school district uses to maintain the budget. It is very helpful some ideas for there tight budget and maintaining it is the buses have a computer that causes the vehicle to turn of if idle for 10 minutes ,they do not have to pay motor taxes that cost 22 cents per galloon which is a lot and that is saving schools money also they force carpooling for workers using school vehicles which also is saving them money. This doesn’t just effect schools C-DOT which plows all the streets has to spend our tax money to get fuel and all the materials to make are state safe. So wouldn’t you want the most fuel efficient gas so it doesn’t come out of your pocket. Also RTD the public bus service the prices or fare would be raising to the fuel efficiency. Another good thing is a lot of state owned vehicle services are using hybrids which of course will cost less and even better protect the environment. So this really does matter to you which i said earlier is that its your money because the gas and other stuff comes out of your pocket so wouldn’t you want the cheapest. Gas prices aren’t going down so don’t expect to get a break at the pump so something needs to be down with the buses and plows which take up so much fuel. There just has to be another way to get around. This relates to the world because fuel is disappearing and our money is disappearing so we need to find a new way to get new way of different fuel or something its getting ridiculous paying 3$ for every galloon making families have strict budgets some that need that need to drive possibly wouldn’t be able to eat or afford your house so gas should be a main priority and something really needs to be done.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I found a interesting article on the discovery news website called reefs at threat, even when protected. This really does matter it seems like everydy we hear another thing being done to the environment that is basically killing us but knowing can lead to prevention so knowing this is a good step. So whats wrong with the corla reefs is "What we found is that marine protected areas are good only for fish, but they don't really have any positive effect on coral or on controlling macroalgae," Mora told Discovery News. "Corals are being affected by coastal development, and I think that is mostly because of sewage," he added." This is a real bummer knowing that we are running out of places to put everything unknowingly the stuff has to put somewhere and somehow its getting into our protected coral reefs. These things are so beautiful on e of natures great wonders and just seeing it being destroyed like everything else is disappointed so really recycling or other methods need to be taken NOW. The steps need to be taken this is terriable.This is mentioned it truley stood out to me, But "the main message of this paper is that reefs are deteriorating and it's because of us," he said. "We are the elephant in the room.". Its our fault do the fish and other marine critters deserve this they didn't do anything they do not deserve to be treated like this. Even if the fish and critters don't matter to you, these coral reefs are beautiful places and need respect and the less we care about our Earth the faster it will be gone. This article directly relates to me because i have visited one of these reefs and there amazing i could never imagine them filled with sewage and waste how dreadful will that be but sadly that day could be in our near future serious steps need to be taken its sad to see our beauty's go like this. To the world people live closer to these reefs and should care more but the point isn't mainly the reefs its our earth it always needs to treated cleanly help stop this terrible thing it needs to be done.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


This week i found a pretty disturbing article in the Rocky Mountain News called Mom accused of giving meth to her 3-month-old and you can pretty much get the scoop of it from the title but this matters because kids can get these deadly drugs. This is really sad story and just shows how careless some people are. First of all putting your kid in a situation in living i the house with meth. But to take it to the next leval and letthe 3 year old child take meth. This is so terriable and its really sad when this is mentioned, "The child was taken to Children's Hospital on March 28 because it was experiencing seizures. Doctors determined that the child had meth in its system." The poor child but those relates to me because my friends or someone could get ahold of this and pretend its something else and give it to you which would be so scary its a risk everyone takes just being aware and never do anything like this. This relates to thre world because meth should be harsher banned or more watched if they stopped this meth head before she gave it to the baby that terrible experience could have been stopped.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PLN #7

This week i found a interesting program that did something mazing it was on the Fischbowl and called Earth Hour tonight at 8p.m and this matters because its a fight against global warming and easy for anyone to do. This is really amazing started by a small town somewhere last year by a small town and the world wildlife fund and this year so many large cities are participating. On march 31st from 8-9 these cities turned off there lights and it made a huge difference. This really relates to me because i care about my earth and people don't take much advantage with recycling,fuel efficient cars and other ways to help the environment and this is a very simple concept that could help a ton. With the world its the same idea we are all facing the same fight with global warming and this is one step to making huge changes to our everyday life. If government steps in and makes these happen a lot it could change the fate that our earth could be happening.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This week i read in the Denver Post an article called Lawmakers kill paper ballot bill this matters because the Electronic machines are conversational and people don't feel fare using them so paper ballots are used giving them a feeling the system is working. The bill proposed that, forced counties to conduct paper ballot elections this year, freeing them to use their controversial electronic voting machines. With this being failed it means that some counties if they chose can use the questionable voting machines. Last year there was a huge problem with the machines messing up the whole election so papers ballots should at least be offered there are at least more accurate. "According to Coffman's office, all but 10 of Colorado's 64 counties have plans to at least offer paper ballots as a backup this year. Coffman urged them to consider the idea last year because of long lines of voters waiting to use the machines in Douglas County in 2006."This would be bad if they messed up again so at least offer paper ballots. This really relates to me because these are the laws and people that are going to base everything i do and if its not a good system the votes could be miscounted. A law or leader could be chosen unfairly. This defently relates to the world because other states might have the same problem and if they see what happened to us they might not make the same mistakes. There leaders would also be chosen fairly. This really does matter because people need there vote to count and that cqant happen if the systems are not working.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PLN #3

This week in the spring season coming i read an artic le in the Denver Post called A taste of spring for Denver. This really excites me because I'm so sick of the cold as I am sure all of you are! The spring is coming as you noticed by the beautiful days we have been having lately. When the article said, "Some areas on the west side of Denver could hit 70 degrees today, the National Weather Service reports." This really is great news the weather is finally getting good.

Relates to me- because nicer weather seems to make people happier. Summer is always a good time and the closer we get the better of we will be. With the really cold winter it just brings joy to everyone to see the warm temps again.

Relates to world- Same idea the winter is stressful a lot of accidents occur, snow shoveling and all that fun stuff. That not being a problem anymore people can relax a little more and make our world a better place. Plus sun is going to be great!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


For my second PLN i read Mars Avalanche Caught on Camera On the discovery channel news site. This was about a rover on Mars capturing a actual avalanche on Mars. This was a very rare thing for scientists to capture and they are interested in the effect with carbon dioxide on the red planet.

What Matters- This matters in my opinion because it makes that planet similar to use and we need to know all we can about it so we can explore on it and possibly live on it one day. For the science part it matters to because the more we learn about this planet the more we can decide whether or not life could exist or does exist there.

Connects To me- This matters to me a lot because this could someday be our grandkids home and the more knowledge we know about this planet we know the better off we will be. Knowing that these landslides occur is something to know if it would effect us if we go there.

Relates to the world- This also relates to the world because when we get to the time of possibly living there us knowing about these landslide will be a better way of deciding whether its possible or not this is a big issue and good we know about these

Monday, March 3, 2008

PLN #1

For my first PLN i read an article In the rocky mountain news called Teen traffic deaths dropped by 35% in 2007. This was an article talking about how teen driving deaths have been declining for the past 3 years and it must mean we are doing something right with are laws.

What Matters- This matters because it means all the time and effort put into safe driving laws is really helping out this was mentioned in the article, "I think two things that happened really have helped," said State Patrol spokesman Trooper Ryan Sullivan. "We passed and strengthened Colorado's driver's license laws. That made a big contributing factor in decreasing fatalities." With these changes deaths have decreased really making the roads a somewhat safer place.

Connects To me- I will be driving soon so with all these programs and harder enforcements i will feel safer about the people around me when im driving and the deaths going down is such a good thing.

Relates to the world- This relates to the world because we are putting a standard with these laws and programs. I don't know if other states do this but with these numbers it really should be a steeping point for others to change the way teenagers drive.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Goals for second semester

This semester i would like to achieve an A or B in this class at the end.I'm going to do this by always completing my homework being prepared for presentations and other things. I'm going to read the books on time and not get behind in a chapter. I'm always going to be prepared for whatever we are doing in class. also just always stay on top of my grade.Last semester i did bad beccause i was behind in reading and didnt always do omework but im going to do good in those topics to get an A or B