Wednesday, November 28, 2007

PLN #23

This week i looked through some articles and one that caught my eye was called Fight Hunger While Learning Vocab by Carl Fisch. This article is very interesting it is saying they have created a vocabulary website( sort of a game) where you start to try to find meanings of words and for every word you get right 20 grains of rice gets donated to less fortunate countries. This is so great it making such good use of learning and connecting it to the world this would be such a good way to help out if you wanted to and didn't no a way. I defentley think teachers should assign this as homework it would be a productive way to learn and you are also just helping out others. When he mentions this in the article i pretty much think it sums it up

"Well I think this is another interesting use of the web, combining educational activities (not just the fairly simple vocab building activity, but educating folks about hunger itself - including links to the sister site with contributing to the greater good."

This is always good and if you no what happening around you , you can always try to help some how. People are sometimes oblivious to what is happening around them and i think this is such a great way to try to stop world hunger and it can come in handy in the classrooms thats also good. It connects to the classroom cause we always have needed a simple way to help and this provides that. This connects to the world because we shouldn't all be independent don't let other neighbors die its a bigger issue than 20 grains a question so many people starve and if a lot of people do this that many people are not starving part of the solution.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I was reading an article in the Denver post called Man stabbed trying to break up Broomfield Fight. You are always hearing about these types of stories in the news a fight fueled by drinking is started but in my looking i rarely see articles talking about someone breaking up a fight. I think this is very interesting usually people just sit and provoke the fight and don't attempt to stop it. sadly when a Man tried to break up a somewhat deadly fight the man in the fight stabbed him and he was put into critical condition. I can relate this to the somewhat recent locker room at AHS after this happened the swimming teacher gave us a talk about during a fight should you be responsible for trying to stop the fight. I don't think you should be you could get a adult or something in that sense but putting your self in critical danger to protect someone shouldn't be your responsibility. In a situation if it was a friend i would jump in. Fights are never going to end they are just people having so much towards someone to physically hurt them. I don't thing there will ever be a way to stop all fighting only in a perfect world.Fighting happens all around the world the big picture the war and small things like an argument. And it will never stop and preventing them with your actions could lead to bad happenings its a very hard choice.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PLN #19

This week i read the article More than half of Colorado teen drivers text message, From the Rocky Mountain News feed. This article was saying how over 51% of teen driver admitting to text messaging while driving, and the 66% of drivers use there cell phones while driving. This article is a big safety issue when you are driving a car you should be in full control of it. It is so unsafe and as it is there is drunk drivers and bad drivers making driving that more risky. Also these results are for teen drivers they have little experience driving as it is. I think is issue should be over protected by the police because of how big this is. This quote mentioned the article pretty much some up what it is doing for the teens ,

"This increases distractions to the point where you're going to end up with some type of traffic crash resulting in death or injury."

I can connect this easily to my brother he just turned 16 and is getting his license soon if he was text ed while driving or even using his phone i would fell like i am in an unsafe environment. Also if others are text messaging while he is driving it is putting us in a bad situation because they are not completely focused on there driving. In my opinion i think its the stupidest thing when you could die while driving and paying attention when you are not paying attention its such a stupid decision.

Friday, November 9, 2007

PLN #18

This week i read an article Mrs.Smith showed us about Maine's 1:1 laptop raises writing performance. It is about how studys are showing that kids that have one on one with a laptop in the classrooom succed better on tests in the classroom. So when kids have accsess to technology in the classroom there achviements are better in school. I completley Agree about this concept i think myself does better in school when i get to use a laptop. Last year i wasnt good at english and i think i do better because i get to be more organized with my thoughts in class.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

PLN #17

This week i read from the fischbowl an articcle about parent teacher confrences. This what preety cool because it was dealing with what are class did for parent teacher confrences. I agree of what he is saying about how it would affect people more if they just didnt here the grade they heard how they are doing what there strenghths are also what they can inprove on. I think this is a way better way to go out on parent teacher confrences i can relate because my mom didnt really want to go because she no's how short they are and most teachers just tell tey grades which she is already familiar with. This should be done all around the school most parents prebaly arnt intrested as much in parent teacher conferences due to past expiercenes so this idea of presentaion should be shown all around arapohoe this will help and give parents a better percepition on what there kids are doing well and not well in at school and how they like it. This idea will most likley want the parents to get more involved and this is a good way to change from the ordinary for the better hopefully other teachers will follow this.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

PLN #16

I was looking through the 2 cents blog and i came across an article that was called Parents & Internet using teens. This article is talking about parents checking on there kids media use. It says that 87% of parents watch what there kids do. This is very reasonable because with all the treats from the outside including sexual predators and all the people out there to harm you. I also think though that there is a point where you are going to far on controlling your kids media use. If you talk to your kid then they should be able to use common sense pretty much do not talk to people you don't no its not safe at all. In the news i hear stories about people on myspace talk to some who is a predator they meet them and get harmed. Why would you go meet someone you never meet alone it is pretty ridiculous. He mentions this in the article.
That in 2004, we felt that we understood the Internet as a rich source of content. Some was good and some was bad, but it was a place to go to find answers. Today, however, our children seem to be spending more time interacting in their social networks, and, in my opinion, discovering and even inventing new ways to learn through those interactions

I think this is completely true and a good thought. But all in all in the end you just end to be smart and don't use online to meet people be safe.