Monday, December 10, 2007

PLN 26

This week i read of the Discovery News Blog on an article called Warning Creates More Night Shining Clouds. There are very shiny clouds appearing on the north and south poles are appearing more. These clouds are so high above the Earth it effects with the sun and makes the earth is very dark and these clouds are visible. They are denser due to Earths changing climates. This picture was taken by NASA. These clouds are appearing more because of the climate change which is very important. Some visible changes of this are the rapid loser of glaciers the thinning summer sea ice and these changes to are Earth are irreversible. These clouds aren't a bad think though but the big picture is how much are Earth is being destroyed. There needs to be something done about it and that is what matters. We need to safe are planet and just do simple things to help protect it. I can connect this to me cause everyone can just do a little something to protect the environment. The world can do the same thing just make big steps keep your home nice.Something everyone could do for the holidays is in this video

Sunday, December 9, 2007

PLN #25

On the Denver post i came across an article called Keeping up:U spk text?. This articles main point is showing how much text messaging popularity has grown in the last couple of years. One very large number that is mentioned is that 30 billion texts are sent every month that is so much and showing how many people use it every 4 out of 5 people uses text. The big part of this is coming from teens and young adults as mentioned here.

"About 21 percent of all users text daily, compared with 42 percent of 13- to 17-year-olds and 47 percent of those ages 18-24."

Those numbers are very large and show how much a lot of people rely on texting. That is what i think matters is how much people are growing away from phone calls and strictly talk to people using text. It is very much similar to e-mail and instant messaging so people are growing away from those ways and using this great easy way of commutating all the time.I can very much relate this to me cause i text and i know it is just an easy way to talk to people without calling i have noticed that pretty much everyone has a cell phone and very many of these people have texting and you can notice how much people rely on it. This connects to the world because it is a big way of commutating and very simple and you can do anywhere wirelessly.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

PLN 24

I read an article I saw on the home page called Why are kids failing. This article was talking about how she teaches her class and all the opportunities she gives very many students are failing. It goes really in depth but the main idea is that students are being lazy and just not caring about there learning.

"One girl did take advantage of the grading and "opportunity to learn" (although I doubt she saw it this way since it was her mother's warning of being grounded the rest of the semester until her grades went up); she worked with me twice a week during school for 4 hours, and every day after school--for a consecutive 2 1/2 weeks. She was able to complete work, but more importantly, she re-did writing assignments and reading analysis assignments. We talked about her growth and improvement of her grade; "I'm so glad, Mrs. Davis. Thank you for all your help. I really thought it was impossible." This gave me insight, of course. Were others feeling deflated? I visited with the class, explained about the success of one student who brought her grade up from a 17% F to an 80% B-".

This is very incredible so you really no these students have an opportunity to get there grade up they just don’t take the shot. For most people it takes more than just talking to if your parents doesn’t step in some kids are like why I should care. You sometimes need more motivation than what you are regularly given. This relates to me because I’ve been trying to get my grades up in a lot of classes and this article is just proving how you can change. This relates to the world because it seems a lot more Americans are doing bad compared to the rest of the world so they are stepping above us and we can’t let us get ahead of us. So I think the biggest reason any kids are failing is because they just don’t have the motivation or just are lazy and don’t care. Also everyone should take advantage of there recourses so they will be able to succeed.