Sunday, October 28, 2007

PLN #14

This week i read Wildfires force California exodus from BBC news website. When i start reading the first sentence really grabs my attention its says 500,000 people ordered to leave there homes this is the biggest U.S evacuation's since Katerina. This is so many people this wildfire is a very deadly event and it wouldn't let up at all. It seems like new bad things happen to different states all the time its so terrible that all these people are getting forced to leave there homes without knowing if it will be there when they get back. Some people have priceless things that all got ruined. 1300 homes are burned down, 1300 lives ruined but California will recover and its so unfortunate this had to happen.

PLN presentation review

On my presentation i think overall i did a way better one than my first. I was still a little nervous but i was way more prepared for it than last time. I think also i did a good job with the question and staying within time and speaking well. Next time i should try to use connections to others but i think i did a good job

Monday, October 22, 2007

PLN #13

I was looking at the cool cat teacher blog and i came across a very interesting article that brings up a lot of thought. The article is about one of the authors friends and when he was younger he got in an accident that almost ruined his life he lost both of his legs. He ran a Iron man triathlon event. This brings up a very big question if he can do it what your excuse for not doing something. Well one thing is if you get hurt you have more motivation to do something, if your not at a lower state of living you take a lot of stuff for granted. Also consider this when your faced with a challenge do you try to overcome it or just live with it? Excuses are just ways to change the way you want to do something because your afraid. When this is mentioned

"The legacy of Scott is not whether he does another Ironman or 500
more," said Mike Lenhart, Rigsby's training partner and founder of
another organization like his, Getting2Tri. "[His legacy] is if there
are a dozen or so other physically challenged individuals who do a 5K
run or do an international distance triathlon or even an Ironman, and
say the reason they did this is because they saw Scott Rigsby do it."

This guy influenced others they were afraid to overcome running this but they succuced this guy overcame something huge an iron man triathlon without two legs

PLN #12

This week i read the local news about a Bronco getting arrested in a DUI. It seems like you keep hearing about something happening to the broncos they just cannot stay out of trouble it seems like. As the Broncos struggle through the season things like this wont make them do any better. Yesterday a bronco Wide receiver Brandon Marshall was arrested for driver under the influence of alcohol in lodo. As the team is a big role model for kids this is really giving them a bad idea first drug test and no this its not giving the kids a good influence.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

PLM #10

This week i was reading a really interesting article in the Rocky Mountain News called Scalpers Tickets go to Youth clubs. I think this article is pretty awesome because it gives a chance for kids that would have never had a opportunity to go to a playoff game. So Charles Whitlock was trying to sell rockies NLCS tickets for 200$ more than face value on Coors field property. That is ridiculous and his guy deserved getting arrested. So you must be thinking where would any good come from this. He had 60 other tickets on him so the cops gave him a choice to donate them to a charity and the boys and girl club got 20 tickets to 3 games. This is a great opportunity to see something that has not came to Colorado in over ten years. In the article it mentions that he says
"I hope that my actions in attempting to turn a wrong into a right can speak louder than anything else I could say."
That is so great because other people can learn of him and others wont make the same mistake. It is just a game and people are going crazy just have a fun time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

PLN #9

This week i was reading in The Fischbowl and an article called Two Steps Forward. When I was reading this a lot came across my mind i think its cool that they are giving free internet wireless internet access across the school but the filter on your on device is a little much. It will give students more freedom to not just be in the library for internet because the computers there are usually all taken and everyone is in a mad rush to get assignments done it makes life a little less stressful to go in your own area and work. But what happens then is there blocking what you can do on your computer like the regular computers. I don't like that idea if you are going to bring your computer you should be able to access your information its being a little to controlling. What i think is the most ridiculous is how only he can change what websites can be accessed or not it should be any teacher should change it, they should be trusted as a staff. When this is mentioned in the article "This allows them to use their discretion about using a site that may be blocked but is still educationally appropriate, and also allows them to get to a site to evaluate if it is appropriate. The Building Level override then gives an even higher level of access." The leval of override that the filter has is a little much for students but not for teachers.

I can connect this to the classroom in everyday life because we are using laptops and i notice there is a lot of filters even on websites that seem approiate. It seems like they are making a law like swearing its like you cant just say something you cant look at it.Over time there has always been limits on what you can do there just adding limits onto what you can do on the internet whats next...

Why would they even make bad websites if they dont want you accessing them i can compare this to just them putting everyday laws on us it reety much the same concept except in school

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

PLN #8

This week i came across an article about How math is used in real life. This is something that is always think about while in math class i mean some things,i can see how they are used but some concepts are like why do we need to no this. Mentioned in the article he says, " Should we focus more math on applications like home mortgages, credit card interest, taxes and other things that you might not learn in school? " I really think this is a good idea, why study topics that you will never use in life its some what a waste of time. If you are going to pursue a carrar where you need to be able to use the skills you learn in math class it should become a special math class. The thing is we are not learning the real world skills we would need and it seems a lot more necessary to learn about stuff that we will need for the future. Sometimes when you ask adults for help with your math homework they do not understand it has never come up in real life. Making a math class that focuses on real life material would be a lot more productive to us in the long run as students.

Connecting To the classroom

I can connect this to everyday life when you go to the food store you need to be able to find out the price or even a tip. If the classroom focused more on these topics then life would even be easier. It would be fresh in your head because you are learning it from school. I can connect this to all my other classes because there always going to e a topic that you are like why am i learning this. This topic is big and should be thought about around schools in the U.S.A

Connecting To The World

You can connect this to to the world because it seems like whenever you watch the news someone is trying to think of a new strategy to go on things like when scientists are researching medicine, should that also be taught in the classroom??

Monday, October 1, 2007

PLN #7

Today i read about a local article about Protesters trying to stop the Columbus day parade. What these Indian protester want to do this Saturday is to stop the 100th anniversary of celebrating Columbus Day they are not supporting this because the Indians were here first Columbus did not really discover America. They were already there when he discovered it this is why there mad. When i was thinking of what matters its pretty much an opinion if it should be celebrated i thought of just making people happy. Either way if they celebrate it or not someone will not be happy so what should be done is celebrating Columbus and the Indians. There for everyone is happy. I can connect this to class because there will always be contrabersy no matter what you talk about and it relate to people not agreeing. This relates to the world the same way everyone is always going to be auguring about who's right and who's wrong.