Monday, December 10, 2007

PLN 26

This week i read of the Discovery News Blog on an article called Warning Creates More Night Shining Clouds. There are very shiny clouds appearing on the north and south poles are appearing more. These clouds are so high above the Earth it effects with the sun and makes the earth is very dark and these clouds are visible. They are denser due to Earths changing climates. This picture was taken by NASA. These clouds are appearing more because of the climate change which is very important. Some visible changes of this are the rapid loser of glaciers the thinning summer sea ice and these changes to are Earth are irreversible. These clouds aren't a bad think though but the big picture is how much are Earth is being destroyed. There needs to be something done about it and that is what matters. We need to safe are planet and just do simple things to help protect it. I can connect this to me cause everyone can just do a little something to protect the environment. The world can do the same thing just make big steps keep your home nice.Something everyone could do for the holidays is in this video

Sunday, December 9, 2007

PLN #25

On the Denver post i came across an article called Keeping up:U spk text?. This articles main point is showing how much text messaging popularity has grown in the last couple of years. One very large number that is mentioned is that 30 billion texts are sent every month that is so much and showing how many people use it every 4 out of 5 people uses text. The big part of this is coming from teens and young adults as mentioned here.

"About 21 percent of all users text daily, compared with 42 percent of 13- to 17-year-olds and 47 percent of those ages 18-24."

Those numbers are very large and show how much a lot of people rely on texting. That is what i think matters is how much people are growing away from phone calls and strictly talk to people using text. It is very much similar to e-mail and instant messaging so people are growing away from those ways and using this great easy way of commutating all the time.I can very much relate this to me cause i text and i know it is just an easy way to talk to people without calling i have noticed that pretty much everyone has a cell phone and very many of these people have texting and you can notice how much people rely on it. This connects to the world because it is a big way of commutating and very simple and you can do anywhere wirelessly.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

PLN 24

I read an article I saw on the home page called Why are kids failing. This article was talking about how she teaches her class and all the opportunities she gives very many students are failing. It goes really in depth but the main idea is that students are being lazy and just not caring about there learning.

"One girl did take advantage of the grading and "opportunity to learn" (although I doubt she saw it this way since it was her mother's warning of being grounded the rest of the semester until her grades went up); she worked with me twice a week during school for 4 hours, and every day after school--for a consecutive 2 1/2 weeks. She was able to complete work, but more importantly, she re-did writing assignments and reading analysis assignments. We talked about her growth and improvement of her grade; "I'm so glad, Mrs. Davis. Thank you for all your help. I really thought it was impossible." This gave me insight, of course. Were others feeling deflated? I visited with the class, explained about the success of one student who brought her grade up from a 17% F to an 80% B-".

This is very incredible so you really no these students have an opportunity to get there grade up they just don’t take the shot. For most people it takes more than just talking to if your parents doesn’t step in some kids are like why I should care. You sometimes need more motivation than what you are regularly given. This relates to me because I’ve been trying to get my grades up in a lot of classes and this article is just proving how you can change. This relates to the world because it seems a lot more Americans are doing bad compared to the rest of the world so they are stepping above us and we can’t let us get ahead of us. So I think the biggest reason any kids are failing is because they just don’t have the motivation or just are lazy and don’t care. Also everyone should take advantage of there recourses so they will be able to succeed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

PLN #23

This week i looked through some articles and one that caught my eye was called Fight Hunger While Learning Vocab by Carl Fisch. This article is very interesting it is saying they have created a vocabulary website( sort of a game) where you start to try to find meanings of words and for every word you get right 20 grains of rice gets donated to less fortunate countries. This is so great it making such good use of learning and connecting it to the world this would be such a good way to help out if you wanted to and didn't no a way. I defentley think teachers should assign this as homework it would be a productive way to learn and you are also just helping out others. When he mentions this in the article i pretty much think it sums it up

"Well I think this is another interesting use of the web, combining educational activities (not just the fairly simple vocab building activity, but educating folks about hunger itself - including links to the sister site with contributing to the greater good."

This is always good and if you no what happening around you , you can always try to help some how. People are sometimes oblivious to what is happening around them and i think this is such a great way to try to stop world hunger and it can come in handy in the classrooms thats also good. It connects to the classroom cause we always have needed a simple way to help and this provides that. This connects to the world because we shouldn't all be independent don't let other neighbors die its a bigger issue than 20 grains a question so many people starve and if a lot of people do this that many people are not starving part of the solution.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I was reading an article in the Denver post called Man stabbed trying to break up Broomfield Fight. You are always hearing about these types of stories in the news a fight fueled by drinking is started but in my looking i rarely see articles talking about someone breaking up a fight. I think this is very interesting usually people just sit and provoke the fight and don't attempt to stop it. sadly when a Man tried to break up a somewhat deadly fight the man in the fight stabbed him and he was put into critical condition. I can relate this to the somewhat recent locker room at AHS after this happened the swimming teacher gave us a talk about during a fight should you be responsible for trying to stop the fight. I don't think you should be you could get a adult or something in that sense but putting your self in critical danger to protect someone shouldn't be your responsibility. In a situation if it was a friend i would jump in. Fights are never going to end they are just people having so much towards someone to physically hurt them. I don't thing there will ever be a way to stop all fighting only in a perfect world.Fighting happens all around the world the big picture the war and small things like an argument. And it will never stop and preventing them with your actions could lead to bad happenings its a very hard choice.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PLN #19

This week i read the article More than half of Colorado teen drivers text message, From the Rocky Mountain News feed. This article was saying how over 51% of teen driver admitting to text messaging while driving, and the 66% of drivers use there cell phones while driving. This article is a big safety issue when you are driving a car you should be in full control of it. It is so unsafe and as it is there is drunk drivers and bad drivers making driving that more risky. Also these results are for teen drivers they have little experience driving as it is. I think is issue should be over protected by the police because of how big this is. This quote mentioned the article pretty much some up what it is doing for the teens ,

"This increases distractions to the point where you're going to end up with some type of traffic crash resulting in death or injury."

I can connect this easily to my brother he just turned 16 and is getting his license soon if he was text ed while driving or even using his phone i would fell like i am in an unsafe environment. Also if others are text messaging while he is driving it is putting us in a bad situation because they are not completely focused on there driving. In my opinion i think its the stupidest thing when you could die while driving and paying attention when you are not paying attention its such a stupid decision.

Friday, November 9, 2007

PLN #18

This week i read an article Mrs.Smith showed us about Maine's 1:1 laptop raises writing performance. It is about how studys are showing that kids that have one on one with a laptop in the classrooom succed better on tests in the classroom. So when kids have accsess to technology in the classroom there achviements are better in school. I completley Agree about this concept i think myself does better in school when i get to use a laptop. Last year i wasnt good at english and i think i do better because i get to be more organized with my thoughts in class.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

PLN #17

This week i read from the fischbowl an articcle about parent teacher confrences. This what preety cool because it was dealing with what are class did for parent teacher confrences. I agree of what he is saying about how it would affect people more if they just didnt here the grade they heard how they are doing what there strenghths are also what they can inprove on. I think this is a way better way to go out on parent teacher confrences i can relate because my mom didnt really want to go because she no's how short they are and most teachers just tell tey grades which she is already familiar with. This should be done all around the school most parents prebaly arnt intrested as much in parent teacher conferences due to past expiercenes so this idea of presentaion should be shown all around arapohoe this will help and give parents a better percepition on what there kids are doing well and not well in at school and how they like it. This idea will most likley want the parents to get more involved and this is a good way to change from the ordinary for the better hopefully other teachers will follow this.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

PLN #16

I was looking through the 2 cents blog and i came across an article that was called Parents & Internet using teens. This article is talking about parents checking on there kids media use. It says that 87% of parents watch what there kids do. This is very reasonable because with all the treats from the outside including sexual predators and all the people out there to harm you. I also think though that there is a point where you are going to far on controlling your kids media use. If you talk to your kid then they should be able to use common sense pretty much do not talk to people you don't no its not safe at all. In the news i hear stories about people on myspace talk to some who is a predator they meet them and get harmed. Why would you go meet someone you never meet alone it is pretty ridiculous. He mentions this in the article.
That in 2004, we felt that we understood the Internet as a rich source of content. Some was good and some was bad, but it was a place to go to find answers. Today, however, our children seem to be spending more time interacting in their social networks, and, in my opinion, discovering and even inventing new ways to learn through those interactions

I think this is completely true and a good thought. But all in all in the end you just end to be smart and don't use online to meet people be safe.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

PLN #14

This week i read Wildfires force California exodus from BBC news website. When i start reading the first sentence really grabs my attention its says 500,000 people ordered to leave there homes this is the biggest U.S evacuation's since Katerina. This is so many people this wildfire is a very deadly event and it wouldn't let up at all. It seems like new bad things happen to different states all the time its so terrible that all these people are getting forced to leave there homes without knowing if it will be there when they get back. Some people have priceless things that all got ruined. 1300 homes are burned down, 1300 lives ruined but California will recover and its so unfortunate this had to happen.

PLN presentation review

On my presentation i think overall i did a way better one than my first. I was still a little nervous but i was way more prepared for it than last time. I think also i did a good job with the question and staying within time and speaking well. Next time i should try to use connections to others but i think i did a good job

Monday, October 22, 2007

PLN #13

I was looking at the cool cat teacher blog and i came across a very interesting article that brings up a lot of thought. The article is about one of the authors friends and when he was younger he got in an accident that almost ruined his life he lost both of his legs. He ran a Iron man triathlon event. This brings up a very big question if he can do it what your excuse for not doing something. Well one thing is if you get hurt you have more motivation to do something, if your not at a lower state of living you take a lot of stuff for granted. Also consider this when your faced with a challenge do you try to overcome it or just live with it? Excuses are just ways to change the way you want to do something because your afraid. When this is mentioned

"The legacy of Scott is not whether he does another Ironman or 500
more," said Mike Lenhart, Rigsby's training partner and founder of
another organization like his, Getting2Tri. "[His legacy] is if there
are a dozen or so other physically challenged individuals who do a 5K
run or do an international distance triathlon or even an Ironman, and
say the reason they did this is because they saw Scott Rigsby do it."

This guy influenced others they were afraid to overcome running this but they succuced this guy overcame something huge an iron man triathlon without two legs

PLN #12

This week i read the local news about a Bronco getting arrested in a DUI. It seems like you keep hearing about something happening to the broncos they just cannot stay out of trouble it seems like. As the Broncos struggle through the season things like this wont make them do any better. Yesterday a bronco Wide receiver Brandon Marshall was arrested for driver under the influence of alcohol in lodo. As the team is a big role model for kids this is really giving them a bad idea first drug test and no this its not giving the kids a good influence.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

PLM #10

This week i was reading a really interesting article in the Rocky Mountain News called Scalpers Tickets go to Youth clubs. I think this article is pretty awesome because it gives a chance for kids that would have never had a opportunity to go to a playoff game. So Charles Whitlock was trying to sell rockies NLCS tickets for 200$ more than face value on Coors field property. That is ridiculous and his guy deserved getting arrested. So you must be thinking where would any good come from this. He had 60 other tickets on him so the cops gave him a choice to donate them to a charity and the boys and girl club got 20 tickets to 3 games. This is a great opportunity to see something that has not came to Colorado in over ten years. In the article it mentions that he says
"I hope that my actions in attempting to turn a wrong into a right can speak louder than anything else I could say."
That is so great because other people can learn of him and others wont make the same mistake. It is just a game and people are going crazy just have a fun time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

PLN #9

This week i was reading in The Fischbowl and an article called Two Steps Forward. When I was reading this a lot came across my mind i think its cool that they are giving free internet wireless internet access across the school but the filter on your on device is a little much. It will give students more freedom to not just be in the library for internet because the computers there are usually all taken and everyone is in a mad rush to get assignments done it makes life a little less stressful to go in your own area and work. But what happens then is there blocking what you can do on your computer like the regular computers. I don't like that idea if you are going to bring your computer you should be able to access your information its being a little to controlling. What i think is the most ridiculous is how only he can change what websites can be accessed or not it should be any teacher should change it, they should be trusted as a staff. When this is mentioned in the article "This allows them to use their discretion about using a site that may be blocked but is still educationally appropriate, and also allows them to get to a site to evaluate if it is appropriate. The Building Level override then gives an even higher level of access." The leval of override that the filter has is a little much for students but not for teachers.

I can connect this to the classroom in everyday life because we are using laptops and i notice there is a lot of filters even on websites that seem approiate. It seems like they are making a law like swearing its like you cant just say something you cant look at it.Over time there has always been limits on what you can do there just adding limits onto what you can do on the internet whats next...

Why would they even make bad websites if they dont want you accessing them i can compare this to just them putting everyday laws on us it reety much the same concept except in school

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

PLN #8

This week i came across an article about How math is used in real life. This is something that is always think about while in math class i mean some things,i can see how they are used but some concepts are like why do we need to no this. Mentioned in the article he says, " Should we focus more math on applications like home mortgages, credit card interest, taxes and other things that you might not learn in school? " I really think this is a good idea, why study topics that you will never use in life its some what a waste of time. If you are going to pursue a carrar where you need to be able to use the skills you learn in math class it should become a special math class. The thing is we are not learning the real world skills we would need and it seems a lot more necessary to learn about stuff that we will need for the future. Sometimes when you ask adults for help with your math homework they do not understand it has never come up in real life. Making a math class that focuses on real life material would be a lot more productive to us in the long run as students.

Connecting To the classroom

I can connect this to everyday life when you go to the food store you need to be able to find out the price or even a tip. If the classroom focused more on these topics then life would even be easier. It would be fresh in your head because you are learning it from school. I can connect this to all my other classes because there always going to e a topic that you are like why am i learning this. This topic is big and should be thought about around schools in the U.S.A

Connecting To The World

You can connect this to to the world because it seems like whenever you watch the news someone is trying to think of a new strategy to go on things like when scientists are researching medicine, should that also be taught in the classroom??

Monday, October 1, 2007

PLN #7

Today i read about a local article about Protesters trying to stop the Columbus day parade. What these Indian protester want to do this Saturday is to stop the 100th anniversary of celebrating Columbus Day they are not supporting this because the Indians were here first Columbus did not really discover America. They were already there when he discovered it this is why there mad. When i was thinking of what matters its pretty much an opinion if it should be celebrated i thought of just making people happy. Either way if they celebrate it or not someone will not be happy so what should be done is celebrating Columbus and the Indians. There for everyone is happy. I can connect this to class because there will always be contrabersy no matter what you talk about and it relate to people not agreeing. This relates to the world the same way everyone is always going to be auguring about who's right and who's wrong.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

PLN #6

This week im read an article from the Rocky Mountain news called Dead duck: 'Am I in trouble?. This article really surprised me a man thinking he would not be in trouble for ripping a live ducks head of in a hotel. This would only make sense if he was drinking as the article says he was. The word crazy comes to mind when i think of what this man did and how people act sometimes when they are drinking. The punishment of
Clark made his initial appearance in Ramsey County Court on Monday, where his bail was set at $10,000. He faces a felony animal cruelty charge that carries a maximum sentence of two years in jail and a $5,000 fine if he's convicted, The Associated Press reported.
This was very reasonable punishment considering what he did. What matter from this article is the matter of what’s right and what’s wrong? Should people be aloud to drink a lot at a public place? So the actions that people make while drunk shouldn’t be aloud you would not be able to control them so they should just keep drinking at private places. I can connect this to history when you are reading about kings drinking a lot chopping humans heads off this kind of relates. Also I can somewhat relate this to the Lady and the Tiger because the king was barbaric and probably drinks a lot. So he is doing the same purpose ruining there life. I can relate that to the world because people are crazy and and do mad stuff and need to stop

Monday, September 17, 2007

PLN #4

I read an Article called "Could it Happen here" by David Warlick. I agree with his article about having a conference on making schools of the future to inform educators,students and parents. When i was thinking of what matters from this story a lot comes up. Its so big this could change learning make it more "easy" for students and teachers. This conference matters to the U.S a lot it would change the way of learning and make it better they need to get ahead in education so this conference is necessary. I think what matter is progression. I'm connecting to this because when i think that are classrooms could have been like this it would had been easier in my opinion and we use lab tops in English class and that some what is stepping in the future. In the world this relates because everyday you see someone trying to see someone doing something better progress a product and advance the world. If this happens the U.S could produce better Americans by having a better learning environment. It would also be more real going into a business world everyone uses computers and they would be more advanced and prepared. I can relate this to my History class and the topic Social Darwinism. This relates because it was about you had to be fit to basically keep your job. So the Asians are growing more fit by already having there conference and they would be producing more fit workers

Thursday, September 13, 2007


In my reading i read Fischbowl "Is it okay to be a Technologically Illiterate Teacher?". In it the main part of it was saying teachers should be technologically sound. From this blog i think what mattered is peoples standards should be higher and i thought of that when he made his 7 points. He was explaining how teachers,principals and others need to no that technology should not just be something you do on your on its a skill you need. This connects to me because when people don't no how to do something on the computer your like shouldn't you no this,its a skill you would need. In the world it would seem only mandatory that you have skills in technology everywhere you need to use computers and why not school employees. When he says..
"The phrase may have been useful to start with, but it's been over-used for a long time now. In any case, after immigrants have been in a country for a while, they become natives. We've had personal computers for 30 years, and I was using computers in my teaching back in 1975. How long does it take for someone to wake up to the fact that technology is part of life, not an add-on?"

Makes me think Everyone needs to know there is a change and it wasn't made for nothing computers are very useful.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


For my first blog i decided to read about local news and world news because there is a lot happening with it being 9\11. First i read from a article about the Quake that hit Indonesia When i first started reading his i got a connection because i was watching a TV show about how when a volcano erupts, when the rocks go into the sea and make a huge wave. This was similar about 20 minutes after the earth quake a small sunami hit the island of Sumatran.However two hours later something horrible happened. South west of the city of Bengkulu buildings were reported to be collapsing. What i think on this matter is that it would be terrible to stop things like this from happening but i heard there is only one center to warn people and it is in Hawaii. This is a very unfortunate event and i hope it doesn't happen again.

For my second article i read about local news . A local highway worker was killed on I-70. What happened is he fell of a truck picking up traffic cones and he fell out and was ran over by a truck twice. The truck driver was apparently backing up and going very slow. This is a terrible thing to happen then those workers will probably be more afraid to work,they should have more safety because it would be a very dangerous job.