Monday, May 12, 2008

PLN #20

I found an awesome post on the thinking stick blog about "are you smarter than a 5th grader" but more importantly what is grade school good for. Is it helpful at all in the real world or is it a waste of time when we learn best at our young years teaching us useless deatils its a good post

This post really interested me its something that I always wondered with those grades why did any of that matter. It’s a prep I could say to higher grades but 5 years of this is not necessary they take elementary school way to far on the repiton of material throughout the years. When I watch are you smarter then a 5th grader it seems like logical information would be on it but, the details that are given during these years are given which is un-fair for show purposes. But back to accuracy grade school its impressive how much detail we learned when we could be getting ahead of the game in other aspects of school. It’s such a waste to teach these years we should be taught to read, write and do math not learn useless details throughout these years. None of this information is necessary for the real world except the few aspects I just listed. Good post I have be thinking about that for a while!

PLN #19

I found a really good post on Rogers personals blog called retakes and it was really intresting. It was about retakes in class and how some kids dont take advantage of the oppurtuniteies they are given.Also why retakes should be acceptable it is a good post.

Hey Roger,good post because i think it is important to offer another chance to kids that care about there grade but something might have gone worng with them that day. I know this from example because last year i had a big test and the night before i broke my arm and was at the hospital really late with very little sleep that night, I had a miserable night. Just things like that happen making you not able to study or something. I like when teachers offer this cause its gives you another chance to show off what you know. Good post!

Friday, May 9, 2008

PLN Presentation reacation

In my PLN presentation i think i could have done a little better with being a little more prepared. Overall though I felt i did good by keeping it short sweet and to the point and keeping eye contact.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

PLN #18

I saw an article on The weblogg-ed called Study: Young Kids Online about how the internet has great oppurtunites but also the risk is out there and how easy it is to acess the wrong information it is a preety good article.

Dear Mr. Richardson,
I found this article interesting on how companies suck kids into products through advertisement. I really think the internet is becoming to "adultish" for young kids. They have to access to MySpace or Facebook and other communicating sites which have predators on them and with that these websites have ads that suck kids into it and steal information. Advertisers reach out for children because they are more prone to fall for a trick. A little example is websites is the ads that say for example, “break a mailbox and get 10 free ringtones”. These are temping for kids to try and they are fake and bad. I agree when you say the internet provides a good chance for kids to learn but the risk the internet provides is there to. Good article!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PLN #17

I found a pretty interesting article on T sales blog called Phoning it in.

Dear Mr. Sale
I think this is very interesting for many reasons it really shows how much technology can help problems we have we can get any answer we want in a push of a button. Its good to be able to do this but for tests and other assignments it could be bad and lead to cheating. In the classroom knowing information easier would help out so much more like when you mentioned this ,"Outside the classroom, students are used to finding answers to what they want to know right now (the operative phrase being “what they want to know”). It must really frustrate them when, in the classroom, we constantly delay satisfaction." Its really true if we had appropriate internet access in every classroom it would go by so much quicker and the information could go more in-depth with the knowledge you get. Its interesting when you talk about the spell check thing its really incredible how much your writing can improve if you have the right tools to lead you that way. He found a way to improve this writing by himself.