Tuesday, December 4, 2007

PLN 24

I read an article I saw on the home page called Why are kids failing. This article was talking about how she teaches her class and all the opportunities she gives very many students are failing. It goes really in depth but the main idea is that students are being lazy and just not caring about there learning.

"One girl did take advantage of the grading and "opportunity to learn" (although I doubt she saw it this way since it was her mother's warning of being grounded the rest of the semester until her grades went up); she worked with me twice a week during school for 4 hours, and every day after school--for a consecutive 2 1/2 weeks. She was able to complete work, but more importantly, she re-did writing assignments and reading analysis assignments. We talked about her growth and improvement of her grade; "I'm so glad, Mrs. Davis. Thank you for all your help. I really thought it was impossible." This gave me insight, of course. Were others feeling deflated? I visited with the class, explained about the success of one student who brought her grade up from a 17% F to an 80% B-".

This is very incredible so you really no these students have an opportunity to get there grade up they just don’t take the shot. For most people it takes more than just talking to if your parents doesn’t step in some kids are like why I should care. You sometimes need more motivation than what you are regularly given. This relates to me because I’ve been trying to get my grades up in a lot of classes and this article is just proving how you can change. This relates to the world because it seems a lot more Americans are doing bad compared to the rest of the world so they are stepping above us and we can’t let us get ahead of us. So I think the biggest reason any kids are failing is because they just don’t have the motivation or just are lazy and don’t care. Also everyone should take advantage of there recourses so they will be able to succeed.

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