Wednesday, November 28, 2007

PLN #23

This week i looked through some articles and one that caught my eye was called Fight Hunger While Learning Vocab by Carl Fisch. This article is very interesting it is saying they have created a vocabulary website( sort of a game) where you start to try to find meanings of words and for every word you get right 20 grains of rice gets donated to less fortunate countries. This is so great it making such good use of learning and connecting it to the world this would be such a good way to help out if you wanted to and didn't no a way. I defentley think teachers should assign this as homework it would be a productive way to learn and you are also just helping out others. When he mentions this in the article i pretty much think it sums it up

"Well I think this is another interesting use of the web, combining educational activities (not just the fairly simple vocab building activity, but educating folks about hunger itself - including links to the sister site with contributing to the greater good."

This is always good and if you no what happening around you , you can always try to help some how. People are sometimes oblivious to what is happening around them and i think this is such a great way to try to stop world hunger and it can come in handy in the classrooms thats also good. It connects to the classroom cause we always have needed a simple way to help and this provides that. This connects to the world because we shouldn't all be independent don't let other neighbors die its a bigger issue than 20 grains a question so many people starve and if a lot of people do this that many people are not starving part of the solution.

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