Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PLN #17

I found a pretty interesting article on T sales blog called Phoning it in.

Dear Mr. Sale
I think this is very interesting for many reasons it really shows how much technology can help problems we have we can get any answer we want in a push of a button. Its good to be able to do this but for tests and other assignments it could be bad and lead to cheating. In the classroom knowing information easier would help out so much more like when you mentioned this ,"Outside the classroom, students are used to finding answers to what they want to know right now (the operative phrase being “what they want to know”). It must really frustrate them when, in the classroom, we constantly delay satisfaction." Its really true if we had appropriate internet access in every classroom it would go by so much quicker and the information could go more in-depth with the knowledge you get. Its interesting when you talk about the spell check thing its really incredible how much your writing can improve if you have the right tools to lead you that way. He found a way to improve this writing by himself.

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