Sunday, October 14, 2007

PLM #10

This week i was reading a really interesting article in the Rocky Mountain News called Scalpers Tickets go to Youth clubs. I think this article is pretty awesome because it gives a chance for kids that would have never had a opportunity to go to a playoff game. So Charles Whitlock was trying to sell rockies NLCS tickets for 200$ more than face value on Coors field property. That is ridiculous and his guy deserved getting arrested. So you must be thinking where would any good come from this. He had 60 other tickets on him so the cops gave him a choice to donate them to a charity and the boys and girl club got 20 tickets to 3 games. This is a great opportunity to see something that has not came to Colorado in over ten years. In the article it mentions that he says
"I hope that my actions in attempting to turn a wrong into a right can speak louder than anything else I could say."
That is so great because other people can learn of him and others wont make the same mistake. It is just a game and people are going crazy just have a fun time.

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