Tuesday, October 2, 2007

PLN #8

This week i came across an article about How math is used in real life. This is something that is always think about while in math class i mean some things,i can see how they are used but some concepts are like why do we need to no this. Mentioned in the article he says, " Should we focus more math on applications like home mortgages, credit card interest, taxes and other things that you might not learn in school? " I really think this is a good idea, why study topics that you will never use in life its some what a waste of time. If you are going to pursue a carrar where you need to be able to use the skills you learn in math class it should become a special math class. The thing is we are not learning the real world skills we would need and it seems a lot more necessary to learn about stuff that we will need for the future. Sometimes when you ask adults for help with your math homework they do not understand it has never come up in real life. Making a math class that focuses on real life material would be a lot more productive to us in the long run as students.

Connecting To the classroom

I can connect this to everyday life when you go to the food store you need to be able to find out the price or even a tip. If the classroom focused more on these topics then life would even be easier. It would be fresh in your head because you are learning it from school. I can connect this to all my other classes because there always going to e a topic that you are like why am i learning this. This topic is big and should be thought about around schools in the U.S.A

Connecting To The World

You can connect this to to the world because it seems like whenever you watch the news someone is trying to think of a new strategy to go on things like when scientists are researching medicine, should that also be taught in the classroom??

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