Tuesday, October 9, 2007

PLN #9

This week i was reading in The Fischbowl and an article called Two Steps Forward. When I was reading this a lot came across my mind i think its cool that they are giving free internet wireless internet access across the school but the filter on your on device is a little much. It will give students more freedom to not just be in the library for internet because the computers there are usually all taken and everyone is in a mad rush to get assignments done it makes life a little less stressful to go in your own area and work. But what happens then is there blocking what you can do on your computer like the regular computers. I don't like that idea if you are going to bring your computer you should be able to access your information its being a little to controlling. What i think is the most ridiculous is how only he can change what websites can be accessed or not it should be any teacher should change it, they should be trusted as a staff. When this is mentioned in the article "This allows them to use their discretion about using a site that may be blocked but is still educationally appropriate, and also allows them to get to a site to evaluate if it is appropriate. The Building Level override then gives an even higher level of access." The leval of override that the filter has is a little much for students but not for teachers.

I can connect this to the classroom in everyday life because we are using laptops and i notice there is a lot of filters even on websites that seem approiate. It seems like they are making a law like swearing its like you cant just say something you cant look at it.Over time there has always been limits on what you can do there just adding limits onto what you can do on the internet whats next...

Why would they even make bad websites if they dont want you accessing them i can compare this to just them putting everyday laws on us it reety much the same concept except in school

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