Tuesday, March 4, 2008


For my second PLN i read Mars Avalanche Caught on Camera On the discovery channel news site. This was about a rover on Mars capturing a actual avalanche on Mars. This was a very rare thing for scientists to capture and they are interested in the effect with carbon dioxide on the red planet.

What Matters- This matters in my opinion because it makes that planet similar to use and we need to know all we can about it so we can explore on it and possibly live on it one day. For the science part it matters to because the more we learn about this planet the more we can decide whether or not life could exist or does exist there.

Connects To me- This matters to me a lot because this could someday be our grandkids home and the more knowledge we know about this planet we know the better off we will be. Knowing that these landslides occur is something to know if it would effect us if we go there.

Relates to the world- This also relates to the world because when we get to the time of possibly living there us knowing about these landslide will be a better way of deciding whether its possible or not this is a big issue and good we know about these

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