Monday, March 3, 2008

PLN #1

For my first PLN i read an article In the rocky mountain news called Teen traffic deaths dropped by 35% in 2007. This was an article talking about how teen driving deaths have been declining for the past 3 years and it must mean we are doing something right with are laws.

What Matters- This matters because it means all the time and effort put into safe driving laws is really helping out this was mentioned in the article, "I think two things that happened really have helped," said State Patrol spokesman Trooper Ryan Sullivan. "We passed and strengthened Colorado's driver's license laws. That made a big contributing factor in decreasing fatalities." With these changes deaths have decreased really making the roads a somewhat safer place.

Connects To me- I will be driving soon so with all these programs and harder enforcements i will feel safer about the people around me when im driving and the deaths going down is such a good thing.

Relates to the world- This relates to the world because we are putting a standard with these laws and programs. I don't know if other states do this but with these numbers it really should be a steeping point for others to change the way teenagers drive.

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