Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PLN #3

This week in the spring season coming i read an artic le in the Denver Post called A taste of spring for Denver. This really excites me because I'm so sick of the cold as I am sure all of you are! The spring is coming as you noticed by the beautiful days we have been having lately. When the article said, "Some areas on the west side of Denver could hit 70 degrees today, the National Weather Service reports." This really is great news the weather is finally getting good.

Relates to me- because nicer weather seems to make people happier. Summer is always a good time and the closer we get the better of we will be. With the really cold winter it just brings joy to everyone to see the warm temps again.

Relates to world- Same idea the winter is stressful a lot of accidents occur, snow shoveling and all that fun stuff. That not being a problem anymore people can relax a little more and make our world a better place. Plus sun is going to be great!!

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