Tuesday, November 6, 2007

PLN #17

This week i read from the fischbowl an articcle about parent teacher confrences. This what preety cool because it was dealing with what are class did for parent teacher confrences. I agree of what he is saying about how it would affect people more if they just didnt here the grade they heard how they are doing what there strenghths are also what they can inprove on. I think this is a way better way to go out on parent teacher confrences i can relate because my mom didnt really want to go because she no's how short they are and most teachers just tell tey grades which she is already familiar with. This should be done all around the school most parents prebaly arnt intrested as much in parent teacher conferences due to past expiercenes so this idea of presentaion should be shown all around arapohoe this will help and give parents a better percepition on what there kids are doing well and not well in at school and how they like it. This idea will most likley want the parents to get more involved and this is a good way to change from the ordinary for the better hopefully other teachers will follow this.

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