Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PLN #19

This week i read the article More than half of Colorado teen drivers text message, From the Rocky Mountain News feed. This article was saying how over 51% of teen driver admitting to text messaging while driving, and the 66% of drivers use there cell phones while driving. This article is a big safety issue when you are driving a car you should be in full control of it. It is so unsafe and as it is there is drunk drivers and bad drivers making driving that more risky. Also these results are for teen drivers they have little experience driving as it is. I think is issue should be over protected by the police because of how big this is. This quote mentioned the article pretty much some up what it is doing for the teens ,

"This increases distractions to the point where you're going to end up with some type of traffic crash resulting in death or injury."

I can connect this easily to my brother he just turned 16 and is getting his license soon if he was text ed while driving or even using his phone i would fell like i am in an unsafe environment. Also if others are text messaging while he is driving it is putting us in a bad situation because they are not completely focused on there driving. In my opinion i think its the stupidest thing when you could die while driving and paying attention when you are not paying attention its such a stupid decision.

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