Monday, November 26, 2007


I was reading an article in the Denver post called Man stabbed trying to break up Broomfield Fight. You are always hearing about these types of stories in the news a fight fueled by drinking is started but in my looking i rarely see articles talking about someone breaking up a fight. I think this is very interesting usually people just sit and provoke the fight and don't attempt to stop it. sadly when a Man tried to break up a somewhat deadly fight the man in the fight stabbed him and he was put into critical condition. I can relate this to the somewhat recent locker room at AHS after this happened the swimming teacher gave us a talk about during a fight should you be responsible for trying to stop the fight. I don't think you should be you could get a adult or something in that sense but putting your self in critical danger to protect someone shouldn't be your responsibility. In a situation if it was a friend i would jump in. Fights are never going to end they are just people having so much towards someone to physically hurt them. I don't thing there will ever be a way to stop all fighting only in a perfect world.Fighting happens all around the world the big picture the war and small things like an argument. And it will never stop and preventing them with your actions could lead to bad happenings its a very hard choice.

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