Friday, April 11, 2008

PLN #10

This week i read an interesting article about gas prices in Colorado called Gas Prices strain school budgets by the Denver Post. This an article about schools have troubles maintaining a budget when having to pay gas prices which are at 100$ a barrel for school buses plows and other vehicles to maintain our schools. This really effects everyone and in this article it gives ideas that the Jefferson school district uses to maintain the budget. It is very helpful some ideas for there tight budget and maintaining it is the buses have a computer that causes the vehicle to turn of if idle for 10 minutes ,they do not have to pay motor taxes that cost 22 cents per galloon which is a lot and that is saving schools money also they force carpooling for workers using school vehicles which also is saving them money. This doesn’t just effect schools C-DOT which plows all the streets has to spend our tax money to get fuel and all the materials to make are state safe. So wouldn’t you want the most fuel efficient gas so it doesn’t come out of your pocket. Also RTD the public bus service the prices or fare would be raising to the fuel efficiency. Another good thing is a lot of state owned vehicle services are using hybrids which of course will cost less and even better protect the environment. So this really does matter to you which i said earlier is that its your money because the gas and other stuff comes out of your pocket so wouldn’t you want the cheapest. Gas prices aren’t going down so don’t expect to get a break at the pump so something needs to be down with the buses and plows which take up so much fuel. There just has to be another way to get around. This relates to the world because fuel is disappearing and our money is disappearing so we need to find a new way to get new way of different fuel or something its getting ridiculous paying 3$ for every galloon making families have strict budgets some that need that need to drive possibly wouldn’t be able to eat or afford your house so gas should be a main priority and something really needs to be done.

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