Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This week i read an article by Weblogg-ed calling making kids googlable. This article is about schools doing " a background check" on teachers and students. They check for negative items on myspace or other websites but they also explore portfolio's and writings to see if they are good for the job. This matters because your background can somewhat be looked up by anyone thats why never put anything on the web. Its really a big issue you can type anything into Google and find whatever you want about someone. Its really getting extreme what technology is getting to relied on that everything is on it. It such a good thing then stuff like this can happen then show everyone your information . Its scary how far we have came.

This relates to me because i use the internet daily or often to talk to friends do homework music and other stuff but its scary people can type in your name and find out infinite information about you. People face this everyday thats why you never put personal information on th web people can do tremendous things with that its very scary what technology is doing to our world. Just watching the news pretty much over half of it is related to technology problems scary stuff.

This relates to the world the same way the more technology grows the more problems we are going to have whats next you can just be put on the internet by a school all your information who knows. It is going to happen people can Google it and sure its good i guess for a teacher to be looked up by his or her boss to see what there really like but when is that going to far.

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