Thursday, April 3, 2008


This week i found a pretty disturbing article in the Rocky Mountain News called Mom accused of giving meth to her 3-month-old and you can pretty much get the scoop of it from the title but this matters because kids can get these deadly drugs. This is really sad story and just shows how careless some people are. First of all putting your kid in a situation in living i the house with meth. But to take it to the next leval and letthe 3 year old child take meth. This is so terriable and its really sad when this is mentioned, "The child was taken to Children's Hospital on March 28 because it was experiencing seizures. Doctors determined that the child had meth in its system." The poor child but those relates to me because my friends or someone could get ahold of this and pretend its something else and give it to you which would be so scary its a risk everyone takes just being aware and never do anything like this. This relates to thre world because meth should be harsher banned or more watched if they stopped this meth head before she gave it to the baby that terrible experience could have been stopped.

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