Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I found a interesting article on the discovery news website called reefs at threat, even when protected. This really does matter it seems like everydy we hear another thing being done to the environment that is basically killing us but knowing can lead to prevention so knowing this is a good step. So whats wrong with the corla reefs is "What we found is that marine protected areas are good only for fish, but they don't really have any positive effect on coral or on controlling macroalgae," Mora told Discovery News. "Corals are being affected by coastal development, and I think that is mostly because of sewage," he added." This is a real bummer knowing that we are running out of places to put everything unknowingly the stuff has to put somewhere and somehow its getting into our protected coral reefs. These things are so beautiful on e of natures great wonders and just seeing it being destroyed like everything else is disappointed so really recycling or other methods need to be taken NOW. The steps need to be taken this is terriable.This is mentioned it truley stood out to me, But "the main message of this paper is that reefs are deteriorating and it's because of us," he said. "We are the elephant in the room.". Its our fault do the fish and other marine critters deserve this they didn't do anything they do not deserve to be treated like this. Even if the fish and critters don't matter to you, these coral reefs are beautiful places and need respect and the less we care about our Earth the faster it will be gone. This article directly relates to me because i have visited one of these reefs and there amazing i could never imagine them filled with sewage and waste how dreadful will that be but sadly that day could be in our near future serious steps need to be taken its sad to see our beauty's go like this. To the world people live closer to these reefs and should care more but the point isn't mainly the reefs its our earth it always needs to treated cleanly help stop this terrible thing it needs to be done.

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