Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PLN #7

This week i found a interesting program that did something mazing it was on the Fischbowl and called Earth Hour tonight at 8p.m and this matters because its a fight against global warming and easy for anyone to do. This is really amazing started by a small town somewhere last year by a small town and the world wildlife fund and this year so many large cities are participating. On march 31st from 8-9 these cities turned off there lights and it made a huge difference. This really relates to me because i care about my earth and people don't take much advantage with recycling,fuel efficient cars and other ways to help the environment and this is a very simple concept that could help a ton. With the world its the same idea we are all facing the same fight with global warming and this is one step to making huge changes to our everyday life. If government steps in and makes these happen a lot it could change the fate that our earth could be happening.

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